Blogging from home

On the verge of taking off for Mille Lacs to join my family, which is on an in-law fishing trip. Have to remember to take warm clothes for Dorothea and to bring Liam’s camera.
I have played around with the camera–bought a memory card, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger. Below are a few of the first pictures that I took. (Learned that it is hard to get in-focus pictures with a dog on a leash.)

Here is me and Stella.
And a puddle (in Texas, a lake?) whoo-hoo.
And a flower garden–I have the general idea of photographing boulevard gardens that I like and taking the pictures to a nursery to help pick out what to put in a garden.
And finally, what I was trying to take a picture of when I realized that the flash setting wasn’t on “AUTO”–the pillar in the basement where the previous owner, Andy, and I, following, have kept a list of when things have been added or done to the house.