Coffee News

Took a walk this morning, then changed into my work clothes. This is the sort of humidity such that I will break out sweating just being somewhere. Ironically, the basement, which is usually cooler, but in this case humid from the shower that I had taken earlier. There is AC here though.

Last night was a social whirlwind by my standards, though of course I am pretty wimpy. IBM had provided tickers to the St. Paul Saints game last night. So Dorothea and I went. Schmoozed. Seven years. Looking around the picnic tables under the tent pavilion at my current and former co-workers, there were folks from Group A, where I had started, Group B that I joined after two years, Group C (which was just one other person), and my current Group D. My anniversary is in one week.
They do all kinds of crazy things at Saints games. Some are activities between innings, like the human bowling ball competition: a person is inside a clear plastic ball, and runs hamster-in-a-wheel fashion to knock over some large, inflated “pins.” Other activities are on-going, like there’s a barber and you can get a haircut while watching the game.
Another thing that you can do is get a chair massage. And, as we were on our way out, there was a nun giving a massage. Turned out that Dorothea recognized her as Sister Roaslind, who has several massage places setup. So Dorothea waited in line to get a massage from Sister Rosalind.
Afterwards, we stopped at Moscow on the Hill restaurant. A former school aide from Senegal had returned to visit, and some of the moms from the school had taken her out to eat there. We sat around a table on the patio in the back.