Railroad locomotive diesel leak

Liam and I have been pretty lazy, except for the bike ride that we took mid-afternoon. We stopped at my work (he’d never been inside the new place before) and his school (there are two portable classrooms being installed) and at Como Park Zoo. We had lunch, walked through the Japanese Garden. St. Paul is a sister-city with Nagasaki, and there will be a lantern-lighting ceremony on August 21.

As we rode over the railroad tracks, there were a bunch of fire trucks surrounding a locomotive; at first I thought someone had been injured–that’d be grizzly; turned out to be a diesel fuel leak. I assume they were trying to contain it.
Liam, with his Sims cheat to have an unending supply of money, is creating houses with huge bathrooms–urinals, toilets, showers–as big as a bathroom/locker room at a sports club.
I have been reading the Sunday papers, looking through people?s blog rolls.