Goodbye Harry, Hermione, Ron,…..

While Rock. Whatever that means. Out this morning to Synder’s Drug Store to get Nasonex. I mark the start of my hayfever season as yesterday. Early. But, can’t deny that the conditions have been just right: days of 90 degrees, and then a bunch of rain.

And the bad news about the nose spray: I should have done it via mail-order, because it doesn’t look like my health insurance paid for any of it.
And, since I am in this neighborhood, I stopped at the White Rock Coffee shop.
Yesterday, I went to the performance of Madeline’s Stepping Stone theater presentation. It is a summer day camp sort of thing. This was the culmination of two weeks. The kids ranged in age from 9 to 12. Madeline sang, she danced, she had lines. I think she really enjoyed it.
She was hyper for the rest of the day. We all went to the Groveland Tap for dinner, including her friend, who ended up sleeping over. Juicy Lucy and a Redneck Blonde for me.
After that, Liam and I went to the Science Museum. Love the Science Museum on Friday nights ’cause there is hardly anyone there. I was looking at the calculus display. Liam wanted to do the miniature golf, which is also a lesson about rivers. Also we went through the maze. We both had thought it was a labyrinth, but there you are. Stopped at the top of the Smith Avenue bridge to look back over downtown St. Paul just after sunset.
Finished HP6. Goodbye Harry, Hermione, Ron,….. I have been in that word for about two weeks. One does get attached to the characters. In fact, surprise, the play that Madeline and her cohorts made up was sort of a Harry Potter-rip off, what with witches, wizards, wands. Special attachment for me because of reading probably the first three books aloud to Madeline, and it was Harry Potter that got her interested in reading.
Yest another in a long list of cell phone rudenesses: In line to get my coffee, and the woman ahead of me continnued yapping as the clerk stood, awaiting her payment.
Did quite a bit of a New York Times Wednesday puzzle online from their archive. I might just go ahead and pay for a year membership.