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Yesterday evening, we all had dinner together on the picnic table that we’ve put on the boulevard. Trend/style to put outdoor furniture on the boulevard. Benches, patio chairs, tables, all facing the house, often set among copious gardens and landscaping along the street.

Dorothea put the tablecloth on and fastened it with the bee clips. Burgers and hot dogs. She’s taken to buying grass-fed beef, although she had a veggie burger. Madeline had crepes (which she had made) with powdered sugar and Nutella. (And a Gatorade to wash it down.)
Liam and I started another dining room table chess game. We’re up to about move 10 or so. That little stinker trapped my white bishop. When I told him that, he said “I know.”
Through various briberies and conjolings we got the children to go for a bike ride with us. We biked to their old elementary school–Liam went to kindergarten there, then the school moved to a new building.
Ended up lying on the grass, looking up at the clouds. Cumulus nimbus, I think. Little, puffy, wannabe thunderclouds. These, moving to the southeast, were jostling and piling up like ice flows on the river. Maybe their storm dreams would be fulfilled over Winona.
Ordered online for Liam from Best Buy and Oregon Scientific “point and shoot” digital camera. We had been saving together for it.
Also, told Madeline that if she comes up with $100, we’ll take care of the balance on a mini iPod.
And I am looking at Treo 650s, but am flagging. This old Palm m105 still does most of what I want. It is four years old now.
Allergy season approaches with Mid-summer’s Eve. I called in a refill of my nasal spray, though these days, am not sure if that is the thing to do–just as likely, I am supposed to order it through the mail-in service.