Dunn Brothers.

Ah. Almost done with Harry Potter. An article about college entrance guy saying that, asking prospects what they have read lately, says it better not be Harry Potter, or they’re not getting into his school.

Yesterday, I stopped to get gas. It now costs well over thirty dollars to fill the tank. And I bought a carwash at the pump. Problem was–I had totally forgotten about the bike rack on the back. In fact, I didn’t even think of it when the carwash went wacky becuase of it. Nor as I pulled ahead because that is suddenly what the sign ahead of me was flashing. So, I bent that sprayer bar. I stopped and went in and told them. The young guy said that even if I had driven away, they’d have had me on camera. I guess that I have probably been overdue for something weird like this to happen. Their insurance company will probably be calling.
Last night was a Madeline night. Dorothea left to take Liam to his baseball game. Madeline and I took Stella for a walk, then we went to Madeline’s soccer game, her last of the season. It was a hard fought tie that the refs kept letting go into yet another overtime. Team pictures, Dairy Queen afterward. Madeline seems to be doing quite well in soccer and says that she likes it. There is soccer at the school next year, and she seems interested.
After we’d gotten home, I realized that I had missed the last yoga class.