Bread and Chocolate

Cooler today, 63 F. Seems like it has been inn the 90s for a month.
Ah, the juices are flowing slowly this morning. Reading HP6. Nothing. Maybe my brain is out of practice for writing at this time of morning. Maybe Rawlings has adled my brain.

Yesterday, Dorothea drove two hours to take her mother to a medical appointment. A great deal of reshuffling was required. Madeline to overnight at a friend’s house. Liam to a neighbor’s at 8:30. Adjusting to details.
The old guy with the totebag dog is seating out front. (Older guy. I am an older guy.) He has a brace on his left ankle. And he is feeding the birds. Stella would be wanting to chase the birds. This dog is shivering, but it isn’t cold enough to be shivering?