Desk, bedroom, AC.

Still 90 outside. Heat Island. As I write this, the blog is down actually. I am into the third email to the provider. Actually scared the pants off me–thinking that I’d lost my index.html (Movabletype Main template) or thought about my database being fried. But I can’t relax yet. Once Upon a Murder; Art Car Parade; Gateway Bike Trail Saturday moning, and this morning driving over to Lake Hiwatha, Dorothea, Stella, and I, and Stella swimming in the lake and otherwise being a pain because of too much stimulus; and, the “high school reunion” at Como Park on Friday evening. I have pictures, and could be working on getting them ready, but I am now going to retire to the torn, worn out, brown naugahide Lazy Boy and continue reading Half-blood Prinnce.
“He wandered off into a long-winded reminiscence.”