Black Bear Crossing

I just finished a nice ceasar salad. I suppose that is a capital “C.” It is about a fifteen minute walk from my work to here, and most of that is very pleasant, along a bike/walking path, and through the trees and grasses of Como Park. Hot and sunny.

There are three postal mail carriers who just got up from the table across the room from me. I think of mailcarriers as pretty up there on the heirarchy, not so much as Norm on Cheers. Routines, though.
It is a beautiful day. Probably 90 again, donn’t even know. But it is drier. The grass is turned brown. So much for all the rain that we got earlier. But this seems to be the pattern–way wet late spring, way dry in July and August.
I am slowly working my way through the fifth Harry Potter book. Madeline finished the sixth already. I did read the fifth. Umbridge really reminded me of that. Still not sure that I finished it, but am leaning that way. If I realize that I must have finished book five, or get sick of it, I’ll move on to book six. Made me realize that M. has way more time than I do.