Slept in today. But day and after day, I am getting to sleep later and later, especially as it’s summer, and because Liam is getting older and staying up later. Gone are the days when you could get him in bed, and asleep, by 8:00.

But, my work has changed too. I think I am in a groove where staying later is a natural. Unlike the group that I used to be in, for four years, where the norm was in at 7:00, out at 4:00, in my new group, and other people I work with, things start happening around 4:00 or 5:00. I think that is the response of people who spend most of their day in meetings.
Random thought that doesn’t have anything to do with anything else: But the other day, I was Googling, looking for an answer for the crossword (I know, pathetic, though I doubt that I am alone; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the people who write crosswords have adapted)–the clue had to do with the Katie and Allie TV shoe from the 80s. So, there I am, sitting in front of a PC in 2005, broadband Googling over the capital “I” Internet, and looking at webpages with dates from the mid-80s, and pictures with period clothes and hairstyles–and I suffered a massive dose of cognitive dissonnce. There was no Internet then, as we know it now, certainly noboby was posting webpages. Perhaps that is more accurate–there was an internet, and there were PCs, even LANs, but there was no world wide web.
Yesterday, Dorothea came upone the hippie food bus. Will have to do some more research. (Did. Here’s the link: Sister’s Camelot.)But the general idea is that there is a group of people who gather organic food to give away. They drive around the Twin Cities in an old bus, randomly, and stop and give food away to people. Organic food. Dorothea brought home some really nice bagettes from French Meadows Bakery, berries, and a couple of pineapples. There are now some organic bananas in the freezer.
On to Norm Coleman, our senator. He attacks Kofi Anon, and now he is defending Karl Rove. Attack nobleness; defend sliminess. Norm the Death Eater, would if he could, easy to imagine. (Reading book 5; Madeline just finished the new 6th.)
A cool thing–Madeline got an invitation to the B’not Mitzvah of her classmates. The invitation was screened onto a yamika, and that we a CD with. (Didn’t work, but hey.)