Bread and Chocolate

At Bread and Chocolate, home of the Arnold Palmer–half ice tea and half lemonade. I had creme cheese and bran muffin. If I stick to the salad (rather large, from Whole Foods), a protein drink, and a steak for dinner, I should be good. Hardly arduous.

Felt great this morning as regards my back. Did a few weight machines as well as my stretching on the ball. Feeling good, but cautious.
Stella and I watched TV last night. The storm sirens went off about six, so the basement was the place to be anyway. Hard to get out for pooping and peeing and walking with weather like that. Well, just got a low battery warning.
Oh, went for my six-moth mole check yesterday. My image of that is being a batter at the plate, the count is full, I have to at least hit a foul. The resident checked me, the specialist checked me, and they were about to let me go when the Dr. Lee, the specialist, said ‘we better take that one off.” So now I have a bandaid on my left forearm.