Gin in my mineral water

200506250920 Last night, came home from work, cut the grass, watered the flowers, took Stella for a wolk, hung out with the neighbors across the street at Matt’s house–the flamingo was out. That is, I think, a sign to party. Kind of a frat thing.

I haven’t done that in ages. Disinclined first because I wanted to get the grass cut and such, and second because some of the neighbors are not enjoyable. But it worked out.
One thing that allowed it to happen oddly is the absence of my family. Dorothea also doesn’t like such gatherings, either. And there is also weird energy between Madeline and one of the neighbor’s son who is a year older. They both went to the same elementary school and will be reunited next year in junior high as seventh and eighth graders.
So this morning, instead of the coffee house escape, I am at my kitchen table. I am thinking bike ride.
Fuzzed out for a minute, looking at the Homes section of the Strib. Just had an epiphany about the windows of this house. It is not the windows that bug me, it is the aluminum storms. These guys in the article are talking wood storm windows. Wow.
Also the article went off on replacement window industry and vinyl siding. That’s the Megan house across the street. Putting your house in vinyl is like putting it in a plastic bag.
1150 Just got back from a 15 mile bike ride. The Reverse St. Paul Classic Half with modification. Ooh, should ice my back. Be right back.
Ah. While I was up, realized that it was past time to move the hole from the backyard maple to the birch. So that was a good thing.
2000 Finally talked to Dorothea on the phone. She has been very busy. Didn’t expect that. Asthma, allergies, anxiety attacks, constipation, bug bites, pasing meds.
A tree was blown over during one of the storms and that tree landed on the bike rack on the back of the minivan. Hoping that nothing bad happened to the van and that camp insurance will cover it.