200506220745 Coffee News.

Got caught up on my blogging last night and this morning. Last night, I took the laptop upstairs to my bedroom, moved the sewing machine off the desk and replaced it with the laptop. I can get wireless connectivity to the web, but can’t post. It’s like I don’t have enough juice.

So, I sat and wrote. Then this morning I brought the laptop back down and plugged into the network cable and posted. I had three or four old posts there.
While I was sitting the the diningroom, even in front of the window air conditioner, I was sweating. Stella was in the kitchen, whining. Likes to be with people.
Afterwards, I sat out in the back patio and finished the second half of my cigar.
There is a group of five men sitting at a table at the opposite corner of the room. They are talking about their group, whatever that is. It is a group, and it is business. One of the guys is a dad from my daughter’s class.
Well, I have my coffee. I have blogged. I am distracted now.
Oh yeah. Back to the television that I have watched lately. This one was a documentary on tichotillomania. Pretty solid on the spelling, but will check. It is hair pulling. There were a lot of people with bald patches, wigs, and shaved heads.
I think that I havev it. I pull the hair on my beard. When I get sick of it, I shave it off. I keep it trimmed short.
The woman who made the film talked about her eyebrows, and how they came and went throughout high school and college. How she wore bangs to hide it.
Another nervous habit, a tick with a