Loud at a Caribou on Grand.

Third day sans family. I finished watching The Aviator last night. Off the charts for OCD. Well maybe not. Does put what I would think of as my obsessions and compulsions in perspective.

And, have to give old Leanardo credit.
And impressed with the story, don’t now what’s true or not, but the story shows Hughes as having incredible abitity to suppress or overcome his problems. For awhile. And that his issues clearly become worse when in was under more stress or press. The low is the build-up to the appearance before the Senate committee. But he pulls out, does marvelously, and continues on getting the Spruce Goose to fly before having another breakdown. Or so the story goes.
I think that my current back issues are driven by a similarily strong subconscious undercurrent.
Also, the report of the Terri Schiavo autopsy appeared in the paper yesterday. Right there in the paper was the scan of her brain, large parts missing and large areas showing up as black because they have filled wit spino-cranial fluid. I would hazard a quess that after her brain damage and the death of parts of her brain, the neurons that connected those now dead hemispheres also died. Also of interest is that she was deemed to have been blind.