Raining. Y. Back. Overweight. Hungry. Oh well.
There articles about two St. Paul banks–Western Bank and Bremer Bank. Westernn is small and has been around in a tough neighborhood for one hundred years or so. Bremer Bank–all profits go to the Bremer Foundation.

Western sounds good but I was put off by it being a family business. Chair of the board is third generation. But then, maybe it is the family that keeps it in the neighborhood Sand not sold for a bundle to US Bank.
Bremer though. I am quite taken with that idea–I suppose that it is a for-profit company, but profits go to a charitable foundation. Damn, that sounds pretty good. A lot better than US Bank. But if that, why not a credit union? Like Highgrove that did the silly pet tricks during Grand Old Days.
The Y is a non-profit. Public radio. Could get in gear and buy food from a coop. I see these things are beneficial to my life, bot like I am suffering from a lack of capitalism.
The family snns moi is off on nothing less than a trans-continental journey. Michigan and Dorothea is meeting up with sisters and their families. Then it’s two weeks at the French camp. And just previously, for Liam and Dorothea, sailing on Lake Superior. And Madeline has whooped it up with her school classmates as sixth grade has come to an end. Sleepovers, movies, shopping, Valley Fair amusement park–she assured me that she went on all the rides–and now off.
This gives me the distinct, unusual experience of taking a vacation from my family but not having to leave home. I am hoping to make the most of it.