Bike to Como Park Zoo

200505290955 At Dunn Brothers. Took Stella to the river and back, went to Super America and got a gallon of milk because we were out, did the crossword. Read the first chapter to Liam of some book that he pciked out at the bookstore last night. Iced my back while I was doing the crossword and reading to Liam. And I have taken ibuprofen–the first time in days. Dorothea is with her refugee at the zoo.
I told the children to be ready to go on a bike ride at 10:30.

Last night we went for a drive. First destination was the Como-Harriet streetcar for a ride. Turns out that they’re going to be closed for most of the summer as they get new track. So that was very fortunate.
Next, we walked through the bird sanctuary to the rose garden. Tough o Madeline because she was wearing flip flops. I was thinking that there was a labyrinth there and I wanted to check it out. There wasn’t. But we had a nice time. Also hung out in the Japanese garden there.
Then we drove to Northeast Minneapolis to see the site of the big fire on Central Avenue. Turns out that the fire was on same block as Mary’s house, just one over.
The public library is closed this weekend. Caught us all off guard, thinking that it would at least have been open Saturday morning, early afternoon. But then, the people that work at the library deserve vacations too.
So the last errand was to a bookstore so that Madelind could get a book. And Liam did too.
All of the above was possible because the rain held off, as now. The rain and the cool weather have been good, but the change to blue sky is good too.
Well, I am trapped here since I have to finish my coffee before heading back on my bike. I don’t have to finish the coffee. probably shouldn’t since it is all caffeinated; I forgot to ask for decaf.
I am pondering having the kids ride there bikes to their school, on the premise that all kids should be able to ride to school on their bikes. They will whine, they will moan, they will complain.
I was most impressed last Monday at Liam’s soccer game. His classmate Joe was playing with an injury. His father said that Joe had something like a chronically bruised heal. but Joe just kept playing. His father was much more concerned about it than he was.
Liam has been getting “better” if that is the thing to say. Like yesterday, he poked himself with his walkig stick while we were walking in the bird sanctuary. he did the “ow” thing for awhile, but went on.
There was a threesome on my right, a marrid couple talkig to a single man. They were sort of doing this thing where they were pumping him for information about laptops, how to get a bargain online. He seemed knowledgeable. But they each would interrput him with silly questions or make half-baked assertions that didn’t sound credible.
On my left are a man and a woman, 40 to 50, the man handsome, the woman a middle-age drop-dead knock out, obviously sweet too, like she is probably a librarian. Why would I associate librarian with sweet? I will work on that. I wonder if she is bored with him?