Puppy Service Level Agreement

At Dunn Brother’s Coffee Shop again. Quite early. I ducked out without taking the dog out. The way I figure it, I can’t be expected to do it everyday. I am thinking that five or seven mornings is about right. I took here, I couldn’t come in here.

Walking past the former Hungry Mind (Ruminator) Bookstore, it is being redone. It is going to be a Patagonia, one of those upscale, outdoorsy fashion clothes type places. And the Bound to be Read store is closing too. Made me think that the bookstore business, probably always though, must be even more so these days.
Saw another school parent out walking and she hailed me and we talked. Her daughter is in the same class as my son. We both are confronted with getting science projects to school this morning. Her daughter did the lemon battery thing. And she did it herself, the mom was cautious to add.
Liam and I did his together. I don’t feel bad about that at all. It was a great activity. Plus, left to his own devices, he wouldn’t have got it done. This year, Madeline really, truly took responsibilty for hers.
yesterday, happy hour, MAGGIE! Joe was there, and John T. and Kevin H. It was good to see Joe. Haven’t seen him for a couple of years. Weird, even though we live not far from each other. My feeling si that i am not up to par for him.
All four of us have had pretty serious back problems. What’s up with that? Later, when I was recounting that, Dorothea said let’s see, you all work at a computer. Hmm.
i don’t know. Maybe that is an explanation. I doubt it.
Looks for sure that I am moving at work again. I am not exactly sure what is going on. Seems very probable that I am being moved aside to avoid the impact of management change. At least that is the sense I get after talking to my former colleagues for the move before to the management thaat (they hope) will get nuked. Will see. I expect to here something today.