My new groove

The way it looks, I am into a groove of writing about three days a week and updating those writings to the blog about once a week. I suppose that is okay. I would like to post more frequently. I keep thinking that it would be a good thing if I could post via email, using my pager. But there is an ethical question, since the pager belongs to that bank. Plus, certainly the quality of the writing would suffer even more.

One reason that I am not posting as much is that the dog has come into my morning space and time. So, instead of sitting in a coffeeshop writing, I am out walking. This is most probably a good thing.
I worked with Liam last night for while on a science project, the same that Madeline did–electricity, serial versus parallel circuits. I think he has to have it due on Wednesday.
Also, I got to work on the PHP-web database stuff. Actually made progress. I see now how cookies and sessions can be used to maintain state. I don’t know if this is the same way that Pete did. I doubt it. Probably similar though. So I interested in this because I would like to start a new web at work for ODS (my baby)–which goes to UAT today, ready or not. I want to use the site for documentation and helper applications. I need to know how to do the stateful thing to make it work.
We all drove to St. Cloud yesterday to my mom’s. She is 91. Still ticking, though all bets are off. We took Stella with us and she did great. That was a step, for sure.