Compulsive? What me compulsive?

There is a guy at the table next to me, here at Dunn Brother’s Coffee, talking a mile a minute, thinking at about a thousand words a minute with a woman, adjusting. He’s got a University of Minnesota polo shirt. What they are talking about could be bad work conditions anywhere, or school politics, or church committees.

I took Stella for a walk this morning instead of going to the Y or updating my blog. I felt “compelled” finally because it looks like rain and this seemed like my chance. We met a poodle-maltese, and a woman who said to Stella, “you’re a cockapoo, aren’t you?” “How’d you know?” She laughs “I work in a pet store.” And Carrie and her kids at the bus stop.
It isn’t, in Stella’s case, that she is looking for love in all the wrong places, it’s that she’s looking for love all the places, everwhere. And she’s amply reworded.
Yesterday I was IMing with Al, said check out the http where I have the documentation that I have been working on. He backed “looks good.” Me–“thanks for the kibble.” “Kibble?” “Yeah, like the treat that you give a dog.” “Is that what you think this is?””Well, you are a long time dog owner.””I thought that we’re collaborators.” That, too. We all need some kibbles now and then.
Well, to talky here. They’re going at a chuch/job issue. I am now thinking the woman works at a church. That could be the worst.