I am out in the the shed. Our backyard shed that is really more of a little house with an overhead garage door. I have work yesterday and day to get it cleared out and usable. Now, with the shovels, rakes, hoes, and spades racked on the wall and the bicycles, lawnmowers and golf clubs along one wall, two-thirds of the one hundred and forty-four feet is cleared.

I have brought in two green plastic patio chairs, a metal endtable sort of thing, and, my coup de grace, the music stand on which I have my laptop. Dorothea had gotten it for Madeline for her violin. Manhasset, metal, a little too high, pretty good.
Well, it is a laptop, so I will try my lap, and this is better. Anyway, forgive my ramblings, as this is after I have had a martini. Though there may be no difference ultimately.
I took a photo of the sky, the few from where I am sitting in the shed. This is the view.
Tom, the college math teacher and my neighbor to the back was listening to the Twins on the radio while he was doing some woodworking project.
Liam has taken out my mom’s old golf clubs and whiffle balls. He is best with a three wood. For awhile he and his buddy from across the street were hitting in the front yard.
They were in the front yard because I kicked them out of the backyard because I was ready to cut the grass. I’d just returned from getting a gallon of gasoline for the mower. After I’d been mowing for a little while, Madeline came out, handed me Stella, and proceeded to finish mowing the grass.
Dorothea has taken Liam and his friend swimming and Madeline is over at a friend’s house. I walked over there with her and Stella; that way her friends could meet Stella, and I could take Stella home.