Dog in a tote bag

The dog is white and about Stella’s size, has the seem sort of face, the black lips, shaggy coat, though white. Old guy, white spring parka, though a different white, and a navy-blue crew cap and a cane. Great. He puts the dog in a shoulder strap tote bag, and heads off. Limps off.

Weirdly, they were sitting about ten feet from this loud machine, a compressor, that was being used to wash the sidewalk around the corner of the building. Deaf? No. They’ve come inside and he’s asking for a refill. That makes sense–putting the dog in the tote allows him to come inside with minimal hassle.
Last night was Liam’s swimming lessons. We met with Dorothea at the Y and she and I took a walk around the neighbborhood. The last half of the walk was in the rain, a very light, pleasant rain. There were large stretches of dry sidewalk under the brand new leaves.
We talked of Madeline and some of her issues at school. A mean fourth grade girl who is hassling her. Who is going to what school for seventh grade.
This morning, I snuck out of the house, apparently successfully, without waking up the dog. I am guess that taking the dog out, feeding and taking her out again takes about a half an hour.
I used that extra half an hour at the Y. I did the ball and my wieghts, and swam a couple of laps. I got serious about the swimming in that I wore my goggles.

2 thoughts on “Dog in a tote bag”

  1. Hi David,
    How’s your back? Sounds like it must be better, seeing how you’re talking like you’re more active walking/chasing the dog.
    The jackass you call Senator is at it again. I put up another post. Tell me what you think. Deep Blade Journal could use more comments….

  2. Funny you should mention the senator. The Strib has an article that I am just in the midst of posting.

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