At the kitchen table

Stella is in here crate in the kitchen. Liam is watching Saturday morning cartoons. Dorothea and Madeline went to Aveda so Madeline could get her hair cut.

Almost perfect. Doorbell rings. Neighbor boy. Liam leaves. Stella starts whining.
Some thoughts that I had and didn’t get down yet.
When it was lunchtime at the Sacred Harp School, I went to the Basilica, which was right down the street. I was quite content there among the pillars and arches and sculptures and incense. Not that I don’t like the singers, but the quiet, alone interior space of the church was great, too.
And now, of course I forgot the other thing. It will come to me, hopefully.
Last night Dorothea and I went to see the University of Minnesota’s production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Well done. We sat on the side seats, towards the front. Well done. Can thing of few things more pleasant than several hours of Mozart.
I think that the first act was 90 minutes. Intermission was at 9:00. I was ready to go, if for no other reason than my back. Funny, the finale of Act I seems like a fine ending. Wonder what the heck comes after that.
I imagined all those chorus members as dental and veteraniary students.
This morning I wokred with Liam for about half an hour, helped him compose a song. Ended up being a pretty cool experience.
Well, alone. So it is time to make my call to the Employee assistance program.