Meditating Rain

Two hour sit. Raining. First time in a long time. Thunder. Biking. Maybe biking not the best choice this morning. It is Saturday morning. There were only three other mediators at Common Ground. There is a residential retreat this weekend.

Now at the Glacier Cafe. First time. Was thinking this place was a coffee shop. It is a restaurant. Just a few blocks from the meditation center, straight south, across Lake Street, on at triangular block in the odd little area where Minnehaha and Hiawatha cut away at diagonals. The Hub Bike Co-op is right across the street.

Just got text from Madeline. Lately, she and i have been doing the grocery shopping.

When are you coming home?

I don’t know. I am on bike, just got done meditating, am at Glacier Cafe, breakfast, will bus home.

Ok well i guess dont take too long


Really what I wanted to say was. . . Well, I should just be happy that she wants to go grocery shopping with me.

Maps on iPhone: current location, drop pin near home, get directions, select “bus,” see schedule. Like– the way it should work.

Ah. Hate that. The bus is a 21D, and only goes as far as Saint Thomas.