Bread and Chocolate (again)

This time I got just a 16-oz. Bad association from when I was here on Sunday and got a headache after having the 20-oz. It was really because I’d already had too much caffeine that day. But,…

If I make it, this will be my second day without taking ibuprofen. And I thought the cold-turkey stuff was over when I quit smoking. But I’ll do it if I can if for no other reason than it will make me feel like I’m making progress. Boy, that sentence–a mouthful. But that’s me, for starters–I think that is my voice–windy and convaluted.
The children are at home alone. dorothea had to leave at 7:30. I just called Madeline on the phone. She seemed okay.
Yesterday was this long series of pages with Monty my boss about going out to dinner. Where? Mongolian Barbeque was chosen. The one on 494 in Richfield. When? 5:30 to 6. Then while I am at home dealing with this and that around 5:00, he pages me again and cancels. Yikes.
I thought about going heme anyway because I thought I forgot my pager, and maybe I’d need it today too. (It doesn’t go off very often.) But I’ve got it.
Thought, well, I could just go to Nina’s. I don’t have to be a pring. But wait. I don’t have any cash. I wouldn’t be able to buy just a coffee.
I worked yesterday on documentation and testing. Spent a good deal of time looking at database tables and finding where my former co-worker Pete had a table that listed internal business lines and their corresponding software profiles
So I thought, okay, I will see if I can connect with that table, which is in a Microsoft SQL database. But, no dice. Turns out that the ruby programming language that I am working with can’t connect from linux to MS SQL. Yikes.
So I spent some time migrating that data from MS SQL to MySQL, which is on the linux box that Richard and I have set up. That was surprisingly easy.
But later still, when I was at home, I VPN’d into and tried to get rubyonrails to run against that new MySQL database. No luck.
I like the idea of ruby on rails because it sits nicely between the worlds of Perl, a scripting language, and Java, an object-oriented language. Keep coming upon these roadblocks that make me want to throw up my hands in despair, but I keep plugging away.