PT this morning

PT this morning, doing the best that I have in quite awhile. Felt neutral after tranction. Haven’t had the numbness or tinkling in my tibia or fibia for awhile. Back to doing exercises.

Cancelled my dental appointment. Double booked myself because I didn’t write the PT appointment in my Lotus Notes calendar at work so I didn’t see the conflict. PT finished about 7:45, so as luck would have had it, I probably could have made it.
In the car in the parking ramp The Morning Show played a Claudia Schmidt song which caused me to linger. And then they announce that she’s in town, that she’d be playing a concert, and that the concert would be at the Quaker Meeting House. Well, how about that. So the search is on. I called and left a message for Dorothea.
No one answered the phone though. Still only 7:00. I didn’t take out Stella cause I din’t think I had time. I don’t who took her out or when.
Liam and I went to Menard’s a bought some material for setting up a make shift fence for Stella in the backyard. Our yard is actually well setup for a dog. Previous residents had dogs. Over the years though we have removed a couple of sections of that fencing, and that is what we needed to replace.
We were walking through the store and I had the intention of just looking to see what would strike me as material suitable to the task, aiming for the fence aisle. However, when we arrived at the fence aisle, Liam pulled me along to something else that he had in mind. I guess from the other day when he’d been there with Dorothea.
He led me to the outdoor garden section, and pointed out lattice. I bought a 4 x 8 section of flexible white plastic lattice.
Well, it’s raining. There is more, but I should be off to work.