At Bread and Chocolate

At Bread and Chocolate after going to the Unitarian church with Dorothea and th e children and sitting through the beginning bit of the children’s service. Usually it is seperate from the main service, But these must be a forth Sunday or something like that. After a story about sacred spaces from the woman who is the director of religious education, and who does a great job, the children were shuffled off to Sunday school classrooms. I ducked out. Significantly, this is the first time I have made a walk away from there since hurting my back.

I note that this place opens at 6;30 am. Perhaps a new haunt?
Yesterday was the Sacred Harp Singing School. It was held at the Virginia Street Church which is interesting, first because it is a beautiful wood church designed by Gilbert (Minnesota State Capitol building, New York Woolworth building), and second because the congregation is Swedenborgian. I don’t even know what that means, though I did a research paper on Swedenborg in college. I assume he was some sort of utopian, since that is what I was into in those days.
Of similar note–what I was “into” in my earlier days–the Unitarian men are having a retreat. Two topics are offered–Spiritual Mesage or something, and another “Regaining the Teen Fire.” Not sure I want to go there, but maybe that is just the thing. I seemed to be mired in the consequences of decisions that I made when I has “teen fire” –or soon thereafter, like college. Might be something to look into.
So back to the singing school. The idea is that a group is taught how to do Sacred Harp singing. In this case, the last time was some years ago, either before I was around or before I knew better.
A fellow from Huntsville, Alabama was the teacher. And it worked really well for me, I suppose because it wasn’t constant singing, so I didn’t hurt my voice, and because when we did sing, the songs were easier.