The day after Earth Day at the Coffee News

Hungry. If I oly had a paper, ‘twould be perfect. But then, without the distraction of a paper, all I have to do is write.

And fortunate for it too, am I. Don’t have to think too hard to remember days that I had gone somewhere, got really comfortable, was ready and willing with all these great idea, only to realize that I’d left the Palm at home, or that the battery was dead, or, my favorite, that it was locked up and needed to be reset. Reseting the Palm requires a paper clip. Oh for a paper clip in those moments. I think on the several occasions that it happened, I resorted to bulletinboard tacks.
Had a little hissy fit with Madeline when leaving. “Too many demands?” had asked Dorothea. I’m pretty particular about being fair to the dog about letting her out in the morning to poop and pee. It is my sense that other will rather let her whimper in her crate then get up. Or, it takes them too long to get around to it.
So I was a bit cranky about that. Anyway, Dorothea asked if I was staying the whole day at the Shape Note Singing School, my intended activity for the day. And about whether I would be going to puppy training.
So I took her questions to infer that I shouldn’t be at the Shape Note singing all day, or that it was especially indulgent of me to do so, especially with the puppy training class in the afternonn. I shot bcak that yeah, I intended to stay for the whole thing, did she have a problem with that? She clarified, reasonably, that I usually don’t have the motivation to stay all day for such things. I acknowledged that to be true, I may not, but that I wuld try.
Around this time Madeline chimed in that if I weren’t going to be at tha puppy class, she wasn’t going either. I expressed my dismay at they point, and went off on a jag about it being her puppy, who took it to the puppy play date last Thursday, and so on. She said she had her art class then.
I continued with who just took the puppy out to poop, for a walk, and on and on. Dorothea queried “who’s the adult here?” I said I didn’t know. She told me to look deep inside. I thought, I don’t want to find an adult deep inside me.