Earth Day number 35

I am at Caribou on Grand Avenue. Caribou is a big corporation. So much for my morals.
Earth Day makes me think of Sister Michele, my fifth grade homeroom and science teacher, the first woman I knew with a mustache. I definitely did not like Sister Michele.

This isn’t such a bad place to sit, though it is more cramped than Nina’s.
I wonder how or if the changes there would register with Garrison Keillor. He’s busy. He’s making a movie.
Got up, took Stella out, went to the Y and hot tubbed and saunaed. People are talking too much.
Liam and I took Stella to a puppy play date at Petsmart. The puppies are the current enrollees in obedience training. She does really well. People commonly remark about how cute she is. And I think she’s smart. I am quite proud of her.
Especially when I think back now on dogs that I have lived with or known. Bassets, airdales, akitas, malamutes–big, hard to control dogs. Well, I am hungry and need to move on.
Liam has this “sales of candy bars” fetish thing going on. School fundraiser. He got a box of 40 bars. Sell for a dollar. They all came in a big box. There is (was) an envelope in the box for money from sales. He was taking the whole big box with him on the bus to school. Apparently selling to kindergarteners. Don’t know though. Have the strong image of a drug pusher.
Madeline is face with a decision about where to go to junior high–either the regular public or a charter that accepted her via a lottery.
On Wednesday she called me and I picked her up from school because she said she was sick. Turned out that she was in turmoil about the choice. She made a list of good things about the two. There were seven things about the public, five about the charter.o