Nina-lessly adrift message from pager

Well, I am not going to Nina’s anymore. So that is a change in my life. A change which means that most of my blogging is up in the air as well. I have tried sending a message from the pager that I have for work. Don’t get paged much on it if ever, so maybe I can use it for my own. Below is an undoctored pager email.

americans spend 110 percent of their income. there were no less than four aisles
of storage containers at Target. our homes we aren’t cleaning them because we
are working and spending. then their is gary snyder and he says that he has
never had a tv. an embodiment of thenearings. am formulating talking to connie
about tools and processes and how i might useful in that regard. also should
talk to her about val’s group and non envolvement? perhaps rether to al. ihave
been in on thr ground floor of a small to med