Our anniversary looms.

“Things have changed a lot” says Dorothea. They are a lot different then they were fifteen years ago.
I just read a card she left with me. Always a bit reluctant… A New Yorker cartoon…. Two guys walk into bar. One says to the other “I woke up in a strage marriage with my clothes off.”

That kind of says it all sort of. I just keep thinking of choices and decisions and how they get you, years later, into these totally unimaginable “now what the f___ do I do? situations.
Driving away from the house this morning, listening to some spacey, alt-country instrumental, noting neighbors out walking their dogs.
Driving on Sunday for some late afternoon retail therapy, I was listening to the radio. The theme was local acts doing covers. There were some really good ones. There was a cover of a Talking Heads (“this ain’t no disco”) and David Bowie’s Command Tom, and on. I was just really pleased. Those sets now have topped my previous favorite, the “Burning Ring of Fire” is Spanish.
A Quaker query: “What do you do to nurture your inner light?” Well, I guess that one thing that is important to me is journalling in the morning, which I am doing now at the Coffee News Cafe.
I am going to a PT appointment at 8:30. I should leave in about ten minutes. Disturbingly, I over the last couple of days have developed the tingling sensation now in my right ankle. Maybe this means that the Mind Over Back guy is right, or maybe it means that I am developing a pinched nerve on my right side as well.
My project at work is back, right in front of everyone’s nose. At least the noses of my colleagues and I. So, barring anything dramatic, we should be moving along smoothly to a Pilot in July. I don’t believe it for a second though. Our new app lives on top of, intertwined with, a mainframe app that is mortally ill. It is being brough down by the addition of tens of thousands of back office PCs. Probably something like a couple of thousand a month, so that by July all 50,000 or so PCs will be hanging off of it. If it makes it, it will be just barely.