Things have gotten pretty quiet. Perhaps it is just that it is spring. I haven’t had the focus to blog. Plus, I have stopped going to Nina’s, which was my blogspot. So changes are afoot and I haven’t decided yet how to deal with them.

I feel as though I have gotten dramatically better over the last several days since my last PT appointment last Wednesday. But also, over the last couple of days, I have developed a tinkling in my right ankle. So this is a whole new thing. It might be along the lines of the Mind Over Back book, or maybe I am now also developing a herniation on my right side. Oh well.
Things with our puppy Stella are going well. I think that she is a very smart dog–perhaps too smart. We started obedience training last Saturday and have a puppy playdate coming up on Thursday. We now have lots of treats and I also bought a belt pouch for holding them. We’re working on sit (I think she’s got that one), “let’s go” for walking, and taking food out of your hand without biting.

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  1. Dear D:
    Well STella is bright but is she so bright that she waits after her walk to poop and pee.. It is not much that I can deal with in the morning.. Knowledge being that I am not a morning person.. Man oh Man.. She is a hand full. Having a puppy should be only one time in a person’s life.. Wish you were here listening to her cry..

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