Cellphone Suzuki violin duet

While I was sitting here at the diningroom table, catching up on my chess moves, Madeline got out her violin. This is pretty significant (to me, if not her) since yesterday was her last lesson. The expectation is that she is done.
Well, anyway, one of her classmates, who is in Book I Suzuki, called Madeline and said she was having difficulty. So, Madeline got out her violin, found the Book I (which most recently Liam had been using) and played the passage for her friend via speakerphone. Too cute.

Then, while that was going on, I was looking at the referral stats for this site. Haven’t done that in awhile. I was wondering why my visits were up. Some recent searches that led here were:
–herniated disc and acupuncture
–sauna and girls
–wife swap
–perscription narcotics
Kind of funny.