Lively sauna discussion

It must be pretty humid today–I am having a good deal of trouble drying off.
A lively sauna discussion today. There were four women in there when I entered. One of them was from Ireland, and they were talking about Ireland, about how she’d go back regularly for visits, the booming economy there, the weather.

For some reason the conversation turn to medical care in Ireland, and then quickly to immigration.
The Irish woman gave an example of being back and on a tour, and one of the tour members, a nurse, broke her leg. Her companions, also nurses, wanted her to be flown back to the United States immediately to receive good care. As it turned out, she received fine, and probably better and certainly cheaper care in Ireland that she would have it the U.S.
How about immigrants? Yes, they’d receive the same level of care, and it probably would be free. Lots of immigrants in Ireland, apparently.
The conversation turned to Minnesota, an immigrants here, and the services they get. The turn towards Minnesota and immigrants came about immediately after the woman commented that “you don’t really have that many immigrants here”–meaning, I think, the United States as a whole. Minnesota, we have high concentrations of immigrants and refugees.
Now the conversation turns in the direction of “maybe if we didn’t provide them with services, they wouldn’t be here.” The one woman who really got that line going then left, pleading that she “really had to go.”
One woman posited that there was an unholy alliance business exploiting them, and liberals trying to support them, help them.
I was called a couple of times for interrupting and being accusatory. The Irish woman left as did the nno-profit foundatioin woman.