I am at Nina’s, just had a breakfast burrito. When I got to the Y this morning, I realized that I had forgotten my gym bag. So I took a shower and then went for a limp around the neighborhood. I still have some time to “kill” before my 8:45 physical therapy appointment.

On Saturday, Dorothea and I went to Menard’s after our lunch at the India Palaca (or Taste of India.) She was interested in Menards per se, I wanted to get a vacuum cleaner. Menards is one of those “big box” retailers and specializes in hardware, lumber, home improvement stuff.
It was their grand opening, and the park lot, undoubtedly designed too small so that it fit in it’s urban space, was full. So, we almost didn’t go in because D. hates driving and parking the minivan in tight spaaces. (She was driving.) But she pulled in anyway, and we actually got a spot right by the front door.
(Menards is I think a regional retailer, but competes with Home Depot and Lowe’s.)
Inside, the retail space is divided between a first and a second floor. There are these tow ridiculous looking moving walkway ramps to get people and their shopping carts back and forth. Not quite as interesting as the shopping cart lift at the downtown Minneapolis Target store–another suburban-sprawl design squished into and urban space.)
On this day, there was a fellow sitting at and playing a grand piano at the base of the walkways, some very nice jazz to accompany the traffic of shopping carts full of bathroom fixtures.
Anyway, after a search and the all too familiar back and forth and give and take, we picked out a $50 vacuum cleaner, one of those new bagless kind. (The replacement filter is $25, so there you are. ) After we rang up though, D. noted that the vacuum was $70. So, we ended up back at the vacuum aisle, explaining the situation to this guy who’d been paged form the customer service desk, and he just got all huffy. Not at us, but at “Miles,” the guy whom he’d told to move things around, and who’d done that, but hadn’t switched the display price tags on the shelves. A reverse bait and switch.
So this guy goes on about Miles, and what hes’ going to do to him–kill him, etc, etc.
And of course, I think of Red Lake.
The vacuum is all I could ask for in a $ 50 vacuum. It is, however, very loud.