Easter Sunday

Easter is early this year. And March is almost over. The puppy is now nine weeks old, and she is doing much better with pooping and peeing. While she doesn’t know how to ask to go outside yet, with vigilance and a regular schedule getting her outside, the number of “accidents” was only two yesterday and one so far today. And, a couple of those were my fault, not hers. Otherwise, her bladder and bowel control seems to be quite good.

The Red Lake shooting has brought into focus some other thoughts. The other day in the sauna, there was this guy talking. Turns out that he is a telephone company retiree. The company that bought his former employer is in the new for a proposed merger. He was saying out the original merger led to a “looting” of the retiree’s pension fund. The upper management of the company—crooks. The way to deal with them—get a machine gun and kill them.
It didn’t even register with me until later how that expression of violent intend is so common in our society. And that makes it no wonder that a high school kid could make similar comments, and that these comments would be ignored. What if that retiree actually did show up somewhere with a machine gun?
Also related to the Red Lake shootings: The kid was on a newly increased level of Prozac. So that should fuel some debates, though it probably will provide no answers.
And finally, the article on the Prozac-shooting link was a page 7 article in the New York Times. I can’t help but think that anything to do with Columbine was page 1 news for quite awhile.
Both the children went to a bowling birthday party yesterday. So Dorothea and I took a walk to the library and then we drove to an Indian restaurant for its lunch buffet. I wondered if it wouldn’t be simpler to go and live in India?
At the library we picked up the copy of Mind Over Back Pain by John Sarno that Dorothea had ordered. I have read the first chapter of two, and so far the discussion of low back pain has been right on to my experience. This book is speaking to me. In fact, that is my next stop—I’m hitting the tub and reading.