Almost like the old days

Funny, they’re changing things here at Nina’s Coffeeshop. They’ve moved the coffee airpots behind the counter, painting, adding couches and comfy chairs. Today, I thought “oh, yeah” I wanted to look and see what these breakfast burritos are costing me. But, alas, the board was gone. I ask the woman who was ringing me up where’d the menu board go, and turned around said–I thought–with feined surprise–“Oh, I don’t know.” I can’t get the image out of my head that the owner has taken on a new partner who bent on change.

I had my first physical therapy yesterday. An hour of assessment–being bent, twisted, poked, prodded, all that. Seemed very thorough, certainly the most thorough such exam that I have ever had. My idea that this herianted disc thing is a continuation of something that’s been there for awhile was reinforced. Confronted with yet another body defect.
Milestone: last night, Stella let me sleep through the night. Of course, she was in her crate in my doughter’s bedroom. That helped. But the crate was dry, so all is well. Madeline was cuddling with the puppy when I left.
I had an interview for a job posting with a group at the bank. Several of the people who interviewed me I’ve known for years. And the job is actually two jobs–project manager and technical person. On either, better people than me can be found. As both, I think of myself as pretty competitive.
Laura Billings of the Pioneer Press has some views on Red Lake shooting that are perceptive. “Television reporters newly arrived in Red Lake were suprised to learn there were no candlelight vigils, makeshift memorials with flowers and pictures and cards…instead there was a traditional pipe ceremony.” Otherwise, these event, all too common, almost lacks newsworthiness. It is about as surprising as a Wal-Mart opening in a suburb. And, probably not so significant to the “national psyche” as Columbine, which happened in an affluent white suburb.