Puppy, Day 4

We have got now quite a stack of books on dogs. A lot of the concepts didn’t make as much before as they do now. We have given up on the litter training idea, and instead are bringing her outside more often. Right now, Madeline and the puppy are watching American Idol.

Yesterday, Mary came and put in the kitchen to dining room swinging dorr that she had bought for us. A spectular effort. We love our door. It provides some much appreciated seperation.
Rose came over to help get the full-size box spring up stairs. It was part of a bed set that we got from her because she is selling her house. Her husband and his son had come over on Saturday with the things in a U-Haul truck. They were unsuccessful in getting the boxspring upstairs. It is a tight fit. And I didn’t help because of my back. I tried to give them verbal directions, but to no avail. I took the dog out while Dorothea and Rose successfully got it up.