Puppy, Day 3.

I am pretty impressed. I think this is a very smart dog. Crossing my fingers, but I think we’re on the verge of litter training and kennel training it. Last night was the sceond night, and for the second time, with it’s kennel in our bedroom, It started whining at 4;00 am. I took it out and down to the “litterbox,’ and, after a little face-off, she peed in there. I offered her food and water, but she didn’t drink or eat. The had pat was then I took her back upstairs and put her back in her kennel. She didn’t like that, but I don’t see anyway around it.

I bought a Zumach card at the counter. Some friends in Chicago have their wedding anniversary on Saint Patrick’s Day. Usually, I would remember that but never get around to sending a card. This year, though, I felt especially compelled because a train trip to Chicago for spring break was very near the top of the list–til my back troubles and, now, a dog.
Back to the dog: I realized this morning what the dog’s appearance reminds me of–a Muppet. I am not up on my Muppetology, so I don’t know which Muppet the dog most looks like–Elmo? Cookie Monster?
Last night was my second night without Ibuprofen or Vicodin. And I haven’t taken any yet. My theory is that I may be screwing myself up even more by masking the pain and numbness.
We all went over to Kerri’s yesterday. She used to be the children’s music teacher. Now, she has twins. And two herniated discs. I am a whimp, nno if ands or buts.