Brains of a poodle, personality of a cocker spaniel

We finally did it–we got a puppy yesterday. It a poodle-cocker spaniel cross called a cockapoo. Things are going well so far. We’ve got it confined to the kitchen with babygates in the two entries. Trying to get it to poop and pee in a cardboard box. That isn’t going–and probably won’t go–too well.

We had a snowstorm on Friday, so the idea of going outside with the new puppy doesn’t seem too practical. We still need to get a collar so that we can have it on a leash.
I think that it is pretty smart and that it (she) already has good bladder control.
Seems that we’ve settled on the name Stella. I get to think that I am Marlin Brando everytime I say the name.
We got the dog from a kennel in Anoka. Their website is I was quite impressed. They seem to have a good operation going. More info on cockapoos .
Dorothea has gotten from the library what I consider to be a horrible “Sounds of the 70s” CD which is playing “The Streak” right now. I had forgotten about Ray Stevens–I always liked him and his other songs. There was a high pitched whistle that re-occurs in the song that just woke up Stella. She’s already, at only eight weeks old, found her favorite chair in which to nap.
Sign of the times that each of these things has a web link. This too shall pass.
Oh man, now it’s “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Will this too pass? I thing the theme from “Superfly” is next. I’ll be right back. Ah, disc skip. Now The Chieftains. I can deal.
As to my back–I continue to get slowing better. I did bailout of a chiroprator appointment on late Friday afternoon, since the idea of going out in the snowstorm with the objective of having someone put needles in my back didn’t seem appealing. Last night, I didn’t take ibuprofen or vicoden, so that is progress, though I took both right away this morning. I suppose that I would be better off with the pain in that I’d be less likely to over-extend myself like I must be doing with the pain masked.
I continue to work with Rubyonrails, the web framework for the Ruby programming language, but am stuck on getting it to work with DB2, which is my objective.