Saint Uhro a fraud?

Saint Patrick’s Day, a day celebrating an Irish saint that is way more popular here in the United States then it is in Ireland, and probably more twisted, too. Especially here in St. Paul.

This marks one month since my 46th birthday, and that timeframe has been one of something changing. I am starting to say that I am having a mid-life crisis that is being led by my back revolting. My back is revolting.
I am at Nina’s and I went to the Y. That’s the first time for both in the morning in probably three weeks. I did the hot tub and the sauna. Considering that on Saturday, February 26, I was sitting on the blood pressure bench in the pharmacy at Synder’s wondering how I would ever make it back out to my car, I am improving.
Am going to work today. So, St. Patrick’s Day can be a good marker.