They’re going to get most of it to the south of us, but it is snowing now.
This is that bad memory thing, where I had all these rather simple things that I wanted to note, things I had just though of while in the sauna, and now I can’t remember.

Oh yeah. Norm. On the Alaska oil, the newspaper briefly listed him as one of a group “moderates” that tried to defeat the Senate vote for ANWR.
Driving to the Y, there was a piece on public radio about the development of computerized, mechanized prostetics. The focus was a woman who lost her leg in Iraq.
Sounded like the way it works is that there’s a sensor on the knee of her good leg that measures things like angle of knee and ankle. This at a rate fo fiftry times a minute. So the mechanical leg uses the info from the sensor on the good leg to approximate the gait.
Then in the locker room, there was discussion of someone having something that sounded like “fibermylogia,” which was described as inflamation of the nerves.
I can relate to both, and both keep a perspective for me.
Today I asked if they could make be a breakfast burrito sans the torilla. They said yeas, and did, and I just had it and I am probably hooked.
Got two calls last night about puppies. so the prospect of getting one this weekend seems quite likely.