David and Dorothea do Duluth–the default vacation

The harbor is frozen, but the lake isn’t. Or wasn’t. Or didn’t seem to be yesterday when we got here to Duluth. But know there seems to be a widespread, very thin sheet of ice on Lake Superior.

Dorothea and I walked from the Inn on Lake Superior, where we stayed last night, to the Lake View Coffeeshop in the Fitger’s building. As we walked along the boardwalk, we heard a cringling sound. The thin sheet of ice was moving, the edges of ice sheets bumping against one another.
We stopped to watch. We could see close to shore the scenario playing out. The water freezes, and then a little causes it to crack and break and freeze again.
Last night we saw “Million Dollar Baby.” Suddenly, subconsciously, I am working on my footwork, and can’t say that I particularly like boxing. Can’t say anything more about it though, for fear of giving away the ending. The Eastwood-Morgan pairing of old codgers was delightful.
The view from the hotel of the sunrise this morning was spectacular horizontal bands of oranges and blues and foggy mist. Yesterday, the horizon was a razor-sharp line of sky and water perfectly parallel.