Day off. Actually, tomorrow and Monday too because Monday is President’s Day. Washington, Lincoln–or what’s left of them.

I’e been doing a Atkin’s-like diet: day three. Now, here, at the coffee shop, I am having a V8 instead of a Naked Protein drink.
At the the Y, I lifted, ellipticalled for forty minutes, swam a little, and did the hot tub and the suana. Ah.
I the sauna, at first I was alone for awhile, but then an old black guy came in. Old? Black? Old–probably not that much older than me. Short, rotund, close cropped gray hair. Very friendly smile. He said something, said it twice because I couldn’t understand the first time around and asked him to repeat.
Close as I can figure he said “Well, looks like God’s gonna let us go around for another day.”
Very meta.
Then a large black woman came in. (Large black woman?) Probably from the water aerobics class. And then, almost immediately after her, this guy who sounded and acted just like my brother in-law Gene. Same accent. Kind of talking out of the side of his mouth. “Wellllll…” I think out it as a Central Minnesota farmer thing.
And just like my brother in-law, he digs right in. To the woman “how ya been? haven’t seen you here for awhile? and she answers “doctor’s appointments, other things.” “How’s this guy been treating ya?”–not clear that they are husband and wife–“doin’ good by ya?” Husband is in the reclined on the sauna bench position that he took soon after entry–and she say’s “bout like that.””Relaxing. Men are great relaxers. I’m a great relaxer.”
All this while he’s got the faucet running, filling and emptying the bucket on the floor a couple of times, covering the floor in water.
Dorothea had her book club last night. Haven’t heard about that yet much. The woman, younger than us who had the coronary was there.
So perspective, thinking about her or this woman that Dorothea is volunteering with. The woman is from Burma. Yikes. Think of it–you live in a world, in her case, as Dorothea puts it, “the jungle,” we’ll call this world “A,” and then by dint of some probably horrible upheaval, you find yourself, well, here, we’ll call this “world B.” One could no better have a concept of world “B” from world “A” than an ant of E=mc squared. What world “B” a waits us?