Holy caffeine, Batman. I am sitting at Bound to be Read while the children (and Dorothea) are at the Unies. Dorothea is at the end of a stretch of volunteering as a “guide” for the 5th-6th grade sunday school class–a sort of assistant. Since she has been doing that I have been leaving and coming here and looking at books–chess books.

Ran in A,, who was at the checkout line. She is thinking Unies, but finding that it, like many such churches/institutions, is inscrutable.
Before D. started doing the guide thing, we used to leave together and go for a walk while the children were in there class.
True to form, Madeline is not with her age-group class, but is instead acting as a volunteer helper with a class of younger children.
Liam is in revolt. He doesn’t want to go to the Sunday school. He says in just wants to sit in the main service and read a book. I guess that I am willing to offer that he could go with me to the 8:30 Quakers.
Madeline played her last basketball game yesterday, of the season, and possibly ever. In two days, her team played four games. One on Friday and three on Saturday. It was a season-end tournament and the last regular league game with a makeup league game thrown in. They lost their last tournament game, semi-finals, I guess. M. said that was the first game that they lost all year. Was the third game they’d played that day. Pretty tough.
Dorothea and I went for a great bike ride yesterday, all the way up to Como Park and the open house of the new zoo building. Seemded so wrong that there was such a day in February, but then again, might as well enjoy it.