This has been a weekend of walking at Como Park and Zoo, listening to KCRW, and being obsessive-compulsive about playing chess on the internet. All made possible by Dorothea and the children being at Concordia Language Camp for the week.
Oh, and I went to lunch and happy hour with my former co-workers. The threat of getting sucked back into their department seems real since Pete, the brilliant guy who has been holding the world up for them in adverse circumstances, is now leaving–for Target, the retailer-cum Wal-Mart that has it’s headquarters here in the Twin Cities.
The reason that I am concerned about this is that after Pete, I know the most about the mainframe and our application, at least in our little community. But I am a Roger Dangerfield to his Tiger Woods. And, since getting ?kidnapped? to another department last Fall, I don’t want to do that stuff anymore. Not in that group.
In all this there is irony: technology careers, long an endangered species, now shows signs of opening up again. Pete?s going to Target; Richard’s wife, to Wells Fargo; me–somewhere else? Suddenly it seems possible.