Long time, no post. At least a relatively long time. I thought I was going to hit the ground running last Monday, but never did. I have written some, and I will be posting that, “back posting,” but this is the first thing that I’ve put up since the 18th.
Ironic, but my readership has been up, even though I haven’t posted much. (???) But January has been the best month in a year. ‘Course, we’re still talking maybe a couple of people a day, maybe seven on a really hot day. But I find that gratifying.

So, I just got done watch this television show with Madeline, one that she seems to really like, called Summerville. I can why she’s interested and it makes sense. One of the characters is a thirteen year-old girl. But the show is an hour-long beer commercial–the adults are constantly drinking Budweiser–and, those adults are uniformily Barbies and Kens. Plus they are scantily clad (they’re at the beach; they’re surfing) and taking off of each other what clothes they are wearing. So, my request is that if she’s to watch the show, Dorothea or I have to watch it with her.

One thought on “Summerland”

  1. I am glad you enjoyed January. so did I.. So at this moment it will be february tomorrow.. Your birthday month.. Are you ready? As for the t.v. show yikes.. tv land is so much different now I become embarrassed sometimes with what they show…Dorothea

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