McGraw and Coltrane

Came into Nina’s and heard a recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, on e of them anyway. Then I noticed that it sounded slightly alien, at not the version that I am accustomed to listening to. Not Glenn Gould? It seems like this version has more ornamental notes. Not sure.
I weight lifted to Dean McGraw and John Coltrane. And I have been surrounded by music lately, in fact. Maybe it is a winter, inside sort of thing. Bought from Best Buy (why not Circuit City?–don’t have an answer) a little flash memory USB device, about the size of a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum, which can hold eight hours of music. I am hoping that I can plug it into my computer at work and listen away. (And I could and did.)

One thought on “McGraw and Coltrane”

  1. Listening to coltraine while exercizing.. sounds good to me indeed. May your days be warm and sunny and evenings be with a full moon. Look for the snow it is coming again. Chau Doro

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