Black Bear Crossing Cafe

Black Bear Crossing Cafe in the pavilion at Como Park offers a great view of a bright, clear, beautiful day through the large windows. The emphasis is on cold though. It is cold enough that there was talk of the governor closing schools today. So for Minnesota, with its reputation for cold weather, that is saying something.

It has not as cold lately, meaning over the last few years. It seems like there has been less snow and less cold.
I didn’t write at all this morning at Nina’s. Instead, I paged through the magazine that comes with the Thursday St. Paul paper.
Black Bear Crossing Cafe is the sort of place that probably has barely enough customers to stay open, may be run almost as a community/ego service by the owner. Also partly municipal, since I am sure that the building is owned by the city since this is a city park. Como Park is St. Paul’s Central Park.
I have been playing online chess at pretty consistently. And here is a weird free-association for you. I wonder-wander back to high school physical education and how the boys for gym wore only gym shorts, socks, and shoes. The shorts were different colors–red, blue, green and so on–depending on the physical prowess of the wearer. By far, more boys had white shorts, the lowest color, because they didn’t care or couldn’t get to the next color.
I got determined to get the next color, and did, barely. I remember doing this thing called a peg board. It was a climbing thing. You reached up, removed a peg from a hole and put it in the next highest hole. Repeat. In this fashion, you ascended a wall about twenty where was the last hole. I remember getting to that point, reaching up for the last hole with the peg in my hand, and, as I tried to insert in, lost my grip and fell the twenty feet to the floor. Technically, I failed. The group leader (a junior) gave me a pass.
The chess thing may be the same, a desire to reach a certain level.