Dishwaher and State Park Camper Cabin

I made a reservation last night for a camper cabin at Savannah Portage State Park for around the time of my birthday. Rose was over, and it is interesting. She and D. are tough sells on state park camper cabins because between the two of them they’ve probably stayed in all of the camper cabins at least once.
The guy came and replaced a part on the dishwasher. Jury is still out if that fixed the loud rumbling sound. There were other issues too, like a drain hose under the sink that had dropped down. And D.’s distressing stories of the repairman.
I was home yesterday morning. Usually I am here (the Y, Nina’s Coffeeshop.) “What are you doing here?” I heard that several times. Felt in the way. Madeline’s glasses frame broke. Liam turned to have some virus that had made his cheeks red. Ah, the day to day drama that I usually miss.

One thought on “Dishwaher and State Park Camper Cabin”

  1. Hello, Nice blog David, good way to keep up on the daily life of my st. paul family. Do you have snow yet? For all you city people come north if you want snow.
    I want to know why Rose and D did not want ELY. We have not stayed at that guest house yet.

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