Geneva Conventions

So what are these pesky Geneva Conventions anyway? A lot of legalese. But even my non-legal head, at the initial glance, says these are the world’s best attempt yet to oppose “violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture.” And I suppose one could try to find cracks and holes in it, but why?

So not only did we have the digraceful Gonzalez hearings, but today, frontpage New York Times: “Administration Calls Such Prisoners Unprotected by the Geneva Conventions.” As far as I am concern, everyone is covered by the Geneva Conventions, or, at least, everyone, in all circumstances, deserves it protections.
Administration continuues to fight the last war (the 9/11) when the real need is now tsunami relief. (And will be for a long time.)
I continue my obsession with online chess at I am dmshcon. I have won a couple of games and also a draw against a higher-ranked player. I have completed eleven games on my way to the required twenty for official ranking. So, that is why the chess pieces picture, anyway.